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Right now, the United States is facing one of its most challenging time in its entire history.
Many are already writing about “What Obama Should Do.”
There’s definitely a lot.

I think the best way to start is to apply the 80-20 rule, which says that 80% of the effects come from 20% of the the total causes.

Identify which of the 20% of the causes of our nation’s problems is responsible for 80% of the bad effects.
Then fix those 20%, which will then resolve the majority of our problems.

What is in that 20%?

I believe that at least one of those 20% is how the US deals with The Food Issue.

Here is an amazing presentation regarding the food issue in Japan (which is similar to the situation we face in the US). I am very impressed by it as it manages to be succinct, entertaining and describes the problem and solution so well:

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Michael Pollan wrote a fantastic (but long) open letter to Obama discussing the Food issue.
The basic idea is to move away from relying on cheap fossil fuel to grow our food and instead use what is most natural to plants, the sun…

To go from a fossil-fuel agriculture to a sun-food agriculture. In addition, reregionalize the food system and rebuild America’s food culture.

If we can do this, then it should resolve many of our nations problems:

It can help us save the environment
Less fossil fuels will be used, fewer greenhouse gases, less need for fertilizers and pesticides

It will make us healthier (reduce health care costs & boost economic productivity)
Eating local region foods will require less processing, allowing more nutritional value.
Meat will be expensive as it should be which should promote eating less of it.
America’s food culture will change so that we are all aware of the real cost of foods and learn to eat healthy traditional local foods.
This will eventually make us healthier, which in turn should reduce health care costs and allow us to live longer, more productive lives which in turn affects the economy.

It will Improve National Security
Locally grown food and a policy to have food sources open should prevent us from having another melamine poison food scare from China or other nations.

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