Eww…Like why is it one sad monkey? Are you like…emo and sad all the time and you’re black so yer like “one sad monkey”?
No. And that’s racist. Why so sad, monkey?

This blog is mainly to serve as an archive of my ideas.
From half baked ones to the few but fully realized ones. I’m doing this so that I can see how they’ve changed over time, to reminisce over ideas I’ve had, or to re-inspire me if I ever feel uninspired.

Mostly I hope that this blog will help me to stay curious.

Many of my ideas will be imperfect, regrettable, or the same as other people’s ideas (AKA stolen). I’ll try to trace the source of any inspiration for my ideas.

I want to share some of my ideas so that maybe someone else can do something with them when I’m too lazy (AKA steal my ideas).

Some of them may be too dangerous to me and for certain people to read. Those, I will try to keep private.