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The debate over assisted suicide is a complicated one.
But in general I believe if life becomes no longer bearable without any hope of ever getting better, than a person should be able to have control over his own life and decide to end it. I understand that there’s slippery slopes.
But we all got to push off this mortal coil some time.

So I generally support physician assisted suicide.

Unfortunately the man who is best associated with being pro “right to die” has a face like this:

Wookit the adorable face of Death.

The late Dr. Jack Kevorkian.
Did he have to look like the embodiment of Death?!

Even when he’s trying to smile, he looks like Death.

That face!

It was the LAST face seen by the 130 people who were assisted into the Great Beyond by Dr. Jackie K. himself.












If I’m pushing off this mortal coil, I would want someone to have a friendly face to escort me to whatever (if anything) comes after.
Not a jaundice, wrinkled man with bulging eyeballs looking like the personification of the Angel of Death.

I understand that its wrong to judge the man by his looks. I’m sure he was a fine gentleman, a humanist who enjoyed painting and composing music.
But doing what he did and looking how he looked… it’s just unfortunate.



My ideal escort would be someone with a sense of humor. Cuddly and gentle without any potential to arouse any fear.


I want Death to be the most huggable black man in America.

Al Roker.


Just look at that face!















Now look at that face about to eat a hot dog.
















Just look at it! LOOK!


Yessir, if I’m pushing off this mortal coil, let it be Al to escort me and I will die that death like a death ought to die.

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Let’s all die in peace.

Your allotted time has been used up and no matter how much we all miss you, you are gone.
Let’s not get dig up your corpse, prance it around to do whatever we want with you.

I would think that the people among the living would give at least that much respect to the deceased.

But apparently not:
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Hey John Lennon !

You shouldn’t even know what the hell a laptop is!

Who the hell decided it was OK to reanimate a corpse to have him shill laptops?!

Yoko Ono.. the corpse ventriloquist.


I tried with music but I guess I failed so let's do it with laptops! ... and don't forget to buy my hit album Give Peace A Chance: International Mixes on iTunes NOW!

They asked Yoko for permission to do this.

Why does Yoko get to decide what’s done to her dead husband?

There’s nothing said in marriage vows to suggest you can control the desecration of your spouse’s image after death.
It’s ’til Death do us part.

John’s dead. That’s it.

Any promises made during the marriage are null and void now.
He’s in the afterlife having the time of his afterlife, unencumbered by the marriage vows he took in this life.
While here amongst the living we’re taking his image and using it for whatever we want.

YOKO! STOP messing with John’s legacy and take the advice of the McCartney/Lennon song:

Until…. maybe after 100 years.

At some point historical icons become so removed from the modern world that it becomes kinda hilarious to desecrate historical figures.

A couple of good examples:

The Conan O’Brien: Lincoln Money Shot

Abraham Lincoln is probably one of the world’s greatest leaders of all time… but it’s been 200 years and the world needed to see this:

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Mary Todd is damn lucky.

Galileo Galilei, William Shakespeare  and Ben Franklin: