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Saturday, November 15th, 2008 | Author:

Warning: This entry is a very LONG essay on management. I know not everyone is interested.

Its been a long 2 year campaign to finally elect Barack Obama but he succeeded and many attribute this to how he managed his campaign. Despite what everyone sees as a lack of experience, I think he showed management skills better than Hillary Clinton did. Hopefully this skills should translate into being a great President (I hope). Newsweek wrote a long story about the details of every campaign and from it I took out parts where Obama showed where his management skills trounced Hillary’s.

During the campaign Obama showed that he could:

  • Set Clear Management Objectives
  • Be a Conciliatory Manager of a Team of Rivals
  • Relentlessly Self Improve
  • Do Not Play the Blame Game


Friday, November 07th, 2008 | Author:

In honor of our great nation, electing Barack Obama as our next president, please enjoy this Leslie Gore song.

Let’s hope that from now on our future is nothing but these things.

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This video is truly awesome.
Look at sweet Leslie with her hideous sweater,

walking around with her thick thighs,

dancing like a mannequin,

fondling seated boys who look extremely perturbed (see 0:18 seconds in).

maybe because he sensed that Ms. Gore is a lesbian.