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This post is hopefully the beginning of a series on special relationships.

There are special relationships in a boy’s life that affect him. Sometimes you don’t realize the significance of the relationship until it’s over.

I started noticing him in the office…

We would always arrive at the bathroom door together at the same time.  We would have the politeness struggle of trying to open the door for the other person first. Then we’d arrange ourselves in front of a urinal, always following the standard rule that you always take the urinal farthest away from the other person.

It’s a good rule. You avoid any potential of urine splashback and decrease the chance of an accidental glance of what kind of heat your neighbor’s packing.

No words are exchanged, only the sound of tinkle.

A wash of the hands, out the door and on with our days with nary another thought about what just transpired. These brief anonymous encounters occur every day in the bathroom and no one thinks of anything about the other person peeing at the same time as you.

I certainly didn’t notice anything about him.
Until something happened.

I noticed that during the course of the day, with every single trip I made to the bathroom, he was there with me.

Maybe it”s just a fluke…Maybe it’s just today.
But it turns into a week.

Maybe I’ll drink more today. That should throw him off. Yet there he was.

Two weeks…. A month….Always there peeing at the same time. Every awkward side glance filled with his presence.

This can’t be happening!
How could our daily rituals of liquid intake always occur at the same rate. How could our bladder sizes be the same?

At some point you can no longer deny what is going on between you two.
You can’t fight it. Give in.

You are Pee Buddies.
Somehow fate conspired to have the  two of us reach complete pee synchronicity.

Instead of being ashamed, it should be embraced.
Women have synching menstrual cycles amongst their closest friends. For men,  pee synchronicity is the closets thing we have.

Photo was entered in the 2008 Australian Human Rights Photo Competition

This photo was entered in the 2008 Australian Human Rights Photo Competition

I felt like I needed to say,”hi” to my pee buddy. Was he even aware that we always pee at the same time? Does he even think about me as much as I think about him?

How do I even broach the subject and express these feelings I’ve never felt before toward another man?

I started out by changing the standard urinal selection rule and decide to go one less further than the farthest urinal. I’m one urinal length closer to him. What a thrill! I nervously side glance to make sure he’s cool with it.

He was.
Each time I was 1 urinal closer. Each time the sound of his pee tinkling against the white porcelain urinal louder and louder. Until, officially you become Pee Buddies.

It was never spoken but was well understood by both of us that our Pee Buddy relationship only exists in the bathroom. Outside the bathroom, we did not acknowledge each other.

But such a restriction doesn’t matter because he was the coolest pee buddy ever.
We’d give each other high fives after a good pee. I remember one time, my pee buddy thumbs in the direction of the douchebag in the urinal far over who pees like he’s being frisked by a police officer (both hands against the wall, leaning forward). My Pee Buddy then proceeds to do a hilarious unflattering impression.
He completely deserved the coveted PeeBuddy Award for that.

But now he’s gone.
I’m in a new office now.

I generally end up peeing alone…
I’m sad.

I never had the guts to tell my Pee Buddy that I was leaving to find work elsewhere and that we could no longer pee together….
or that I dreamed that one day we would be in a world where we could pee together all the time…
or that I thought maybe one day we could reach a point where we could hold hands together while we pee….

or ultimately share the same urinal where our two pee streams could becomes one.

So if you find yourself peeing at the same time as someone else, or even pooping at the same, take notice. Treasure the time together. Hold your hand up to the connecting wall of the stall…

and CHERISH it

for it may gone in an instant.

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